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Privacy policy

Ladies and Gentlemen, in order to give you full information regarding the right to receive a copy of the personal data concerning you, the regulations of filling the request you are entitled to, are stated below:

1. Every physical person(the Applicant) has the right to turn to Carl Zeiss IQS Software R&D Center Sp. z o.o. (the Company) with a request to confirm that the Company is processing the data concerning the Applicant and also to fulfill the right to access that data. The request should be in written form and sent under the following address: Grunwaldzka 10, 76-200 Słupsk or by e-mail. In case the Applicant’s data is not being processed (excluding the processing of the previously mentioned request) the request will not be fulfilled and the Applicant’s data received with the request will be immediately deleted.

2. Immediately after receiving the request the Company informs the Applicant and files the information about the request in its register.

3. The Company reserves the right to verify the Applicant’s identity in given on this website way. In case the Applicant’s identity cannot be verified due to reasons the Applicant is responsible for, the request will not be fulfilled. The Company will immediately inform the Applicant about the situation.

4. The request is reviewed by substantive team called upon by the Company without any unnecessary delay and in approximately 7 days from receiving the request by the Company. The measures used in dealing with the request are consulted with the Data Protection Inspector called upon by the Company. In case the Inspector is not available, the Company will consult its cooperating Coordinator of Personal Data Protection.

5. The Company responds to the Applicant in approximately three (3) weeks from its reception by the Company. In objectively complicated cases (e.g. requiring a significant amount of work from the Company) the above deadline is extended up to two (2) months which the Applicant is immediately informed about. At the same time the Company will spare no effort to prevent the deadline extension from happening.

6. In order to fulfill the right to access the data to the Applicant, his or her data is revealed in the extent stated in the request. The extent of the information includes:

– The aim of processing,
– The categories of personal data that is subject to processing,
– The recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data was or will be revealed, especially the recipients in third countries or international organisations,
– The planned period of time in which the data will be stored and, if that is not possible, the way in which the time can be calculated,
– All possible information about the data’s source if it was not collected from the person concerned,
– Automated decision making, including data profiling, and essential information about the regulations of making the decisions and also the meaning and predicted consequences of such processing for the person concerned,
– The right to demand from the Company correction, deleting or limiting the data processing and the right to file an objection to such processing (in case when the Applicant is entitled to such a right),
– The right to file a charge to a supervising body.

7. A copy of the personal data is attached to the response given to the Applicant in commonly known and available machine-readable formats.

Privacy of the Carl Zeiss IQS Software R&D Center Sp. z o.o. company’s service’s users is of highest priority. We treat personal data protection of our customers with utmost care. We use appropriate technological measures making unauthorized persons unable to interfere with the data.


This Policy applies to cookie files and concerns our online website owned by Carl Zeiss IQS Software R&D Center Sp. z o.o.

Using the website you agree to saving and reading cookie files listed below.

What are cookie files? Cookie files are small text files saved by an online website on the user’s end device (computer, mobile device) via the browser. Those files are read and modified upon next visits and may contain basic information about the user, his or her individual settings concerning the website’s appearance, the way the website works or any other useful data that could help the creators make a better website.

Cookie files used by

Fixed – Files used for modifying the appearance and the way the website works based on previously made choices or actions. They stay on the users device until they expire or are deleted by the user or the website. The lack of those files does not greatly affect the functioning of the website.

Sessional – Files containing a sequence of symbols identifying a data set stored on the website’s side(so-called ‘session’). A session is used by the user authentication system, image verification code(CAPTCHA) and many other mechanisms making the website more efficient. They stay on the user’s computer until he or she logs out of the website or closes the browser. The lack of those files makes the website unable to function properly.

Third parties’ cookie files:

Analytical – Files saved by: Google Analytics, free online Google tool that enable anonymous data collection in order to better understand the way of using the website, the user’s preferences, the Resignation trends(opt-out). GemiusAudience for the needs of research for Megapanel PBI/Gemius Resignation(opt-out).

Advertising – Files saved by advertisement companies completing advertisement campaigns requested by their clients. They allow for limiting the number of views of a single advertisement in one campaign, delivering advertisements according to the user’s interests and for measuring the effectiveness of a campaign.

Social and other – Files saved while sharing content via social media(Facebook, Twitter, Google+), logging to a service via social media(Facebook), watching videos (YouTube). Most of the third parties’ cookie files are saved in the parties’ domains. More information on them can be found on the parties’ websites.

Managing the cookie files

Every browser, to a larger or smaller extent (e.g. on mobile devices), offers the possibility of going through, deleting and limiting as well as controlling the reception of cookie files. Familiarise yourself with the content of ‘Help’ or privacy/safety settings in your browser. Deleting certain cookie files may cause repeating certain actions taken on the website necessary and limiting the reception of some files may cause being unable to use certain features of the website.

Server logs

The information about users’ IP addresses is collected while the users are using the website. They are collected based on the server logs and used exclusively for statistics and technical use.

Changes of the privacy policy

The users will be informed about all changes in privacy policy caused by technological changes or law changes after they are implemented.


In case any questions regarding privacy policy arise, please contact us.